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Pay attention to what choice of rubber conveyor belt

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Pay attention to what choice of rubber conveyor belt

Morphology and structure of rubber conveyor belt. Different types of delivery. Such as flat, groove shape, large angle, bending and turning delivery, box, tube, closed conveyor, as well as the lifting

Morphology and structure of rubber conveyor belt. Different types of delivery. Such as flat, groove shape, large angle, bending and turning delivery, box, tube, closed conveyor, as well as the lifting of the conveyor. These different modes of transport depends on the conveyor belt transport capacity, and will be limited by the terrain and environmental conditions. It is the precondition to determine the size, the structure, the safety factor, and the length of the belt.

Conveyor belt core material, structure selection. The performance of the conveyor belt is very important to the core material, structure and number of layers. Cotton canvas multilayer transport belt of low intensity, multiple layers, fatigue, easy to mildew corrosion, large weight and high energy consumption. Nylon conveyor belt with high strength, high elasticity, light weight, shock resistance and bending resistance performance is good, the channel performance, the performance is better than that of water proofing, cotton canvas for ordinary frame transmission belt, its disadvantage is high elongation. When the tension stroke can be set for a long time can be preferred nylon rubber belt. The core strength of polyester fiber is similar to that of cotton fiber, which has all the advantages of nylon adhesive tape, and its elastic modulus is higher than that of nylon. The utility model is an ideal industrial belt. The steel cord conveyor belt is high in strength, good in groove, small in elongation and short in tension. The utility model is especially suitable for conveying requirements of large volume, high speed and long distance.

Selection of overburden. The selection of the covering layer includes the covering material, surface morphology and thickness. The main components of the coating are all kinds of rubber and plastics. In most climate circumstances, rubber belt can work normally in the condition of not more than a dip. The flame retardant conveyor belt running normally at one hundred and twenty degrees below. Although its main frame material is not as good as rubber rebound. But it has good flame retardancy, unloading and cleaning. Also due to the performance of a variety of rubber is also very different. Such as natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber has a good energy absorption and wear resistance. Ethylene propylene rubber is especially heat resistant and has good oil resistance. It has both heat and oxidation resistance. So choose what type of cover material, must be based on the type of commonly used materials, operating conditions and working environment to consider.

In addition, the increase of the thickness of the cover layer is beneficial to improve the impact resistance and wear resistance of the rubber belt. In particular, the core of cotton canvas has been replaced by synthetic fabric core, the core performance has been greatly improved. The thickness is relatively thin, so as to improve the overall performance of the tape. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the thickness of the cover layer so as to give full play to its advantages and improve the service life of the conveyor belt. However, the excessive thickness of the overburden layer will make the running resistance of the heavy heat resistant conveyor belt become larger. Heat resistant conveyor belt running resistance.

Additional technical knowledge: in general, when the design of the thickness of the tape cover layer, the main basis is based on factors such as the material, the ring conveyor belt at work, the rate of wear. The material conditions in different time, the heat resistance and the impact resistance of the rubber conveyor belt, as well as the running cycle of belt conveyor are determined. Therefore, the rubber conveyor belt manufacturers recommend that customers in the belt as long as possible to ensure that the number of points above the national standard compliance rate. Then the selected transport equipment can be used in the operation can be very satisfactory results.