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The deviation of the nylon conveyor belt solution

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The deviation of the nylon conveyor belt solution

Belt conveyor belt adjustable roller group to adjust the location of the deviation in the middle of the deviation of belt conveyor; both sides of rollers in the manufacture of the mounting holes are p

There are a variety of nylon conveyor belt deviation reasons, need different processing according to the different reasons.

Adjusting bearing roller group

Belt conveyor belt adjustable roller group to adjust the location of the deviation in the middle of the deviation of belt conveyor; both sides of rollers in the manufacture of the mounting holes are processed into holes, to adjust. The specific method is the belt roller group to which side, which side of the belt toward the direction of forward or backward on the other side. At the lower belt upward direction is the deviation of the roller group should move to the left, move right upper supporting roller group.

Installation of centering roller group

Self-aligning roller group has many kinds of types such as the intermediate shaft, four connecting rod type, vertical roller type, the principle is used to block or roller to rotate in a horizontal plane direction or transverse thrust belt to stop automatically adjust to radial deviation of the belt. In general, the total length of bidirectional operation belt conveyor belt conveyor is short or when using this method is more reasonable, the reason is short of conveyer belt deviation more easily and not easy to adjust. The belt conveyor is best not to use this method, because the use of the center roller group will have a certain impact on the life of the belt.

Adjust the drive roller and the position of the cylinder

The driving drum and the drum to the adjustment is an important link of belt deviation adjustment. Because of a belt conveyer at least 2 to 5 cylinders and the installation position of all roller must be perpendicular to the center line of the length direction of the belt conveyor, if the deviation is too large the inevitable deviation. The adjusting method is similar to that of adjusting roller group. As for the head drum belt deviation to the right side of the drum, the right bearing seat belt to the drum shall move forward, the left deviation, then the left bearing seat shall move forward, corresponding to the left bearing seat can be moved or right bearing seat back. The method of adjusting the tail roller is opposite to that of the head drum. After repeated adjustment until the belt to a better position. It is best to install the position accurately before driving or changing the cylinder.

Tension adjustment

The belt tension adjustment is a very important part of belt conveyor deviation adjustment. Two change at the upper part of the hammer tensioning roller in addition to outside belt should be perpendicular to the length direction should be perpendicular to the vertical, to ensure that the shaft center line level. When the utility model is used for tightening the screw or the hydraulic oil cylinder, the two bearing seats of the tensioning roller should be simultaneously moved to ensure that the roller axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. And the roller adjustment method of belt deviation of the specific adjustment at the similar.

Reprint point effect material position on the belt deviation

The material is transpersite falls has great influence on the position deviation of belt material, especially in the two belt conveyor in the horizontal plane, vertical projection into a greater impact. The relative height of the upper and lower two belt conveyors should be taken into account. The lower the relative height is, the greater the horizontal velocity component of the material is, the greater the lateral impact on the lower belt is, and it is also difficult to center the material. The material deviation of the belt transect, eventually leading to the deviation of the belt. If the material is partial to the right, then the belt to the left deviation, and vice versa. In the design process should be as much as possible to increase the relative height of the two belt conveyor. The form and size of the upper and lower hopper and the guide groove of the movable bulk material conveying machinery which is restricted by space should be considered seriously. The width of the guide groove should be about 2/3 of the width of the belt. In order to reduce or avoid the deviation of the belt can increase the blocking plate barrier material, changing the material of the whereabouts of direction and position.

The two-way running conveyor belt deviation adjustment

The two-way running belt conveyer belt deviation adjustment than one-way conveyor belt deviation adjustment relative to many difficulties, specific adjustment should be adjusted in a certain direction, and then adjust the other direction. The relationship between the adjustment to carefully observe the movement direction of the belt deviation trend, adjust one by one. The emphasis should be placed on the adjustment of the drive roller and the roller, followed by the adjustment of the roller and the adjustment of the feed point. At the same time, attention should be paid to the belt in the vulcanization joints should be the length of the belt in the direction of the stress evenly, in the use of chain traction force on both sides as much as possible.