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Use of some rubber materials

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Use of some rubber materials


Take care of the offset tool. A production tool can be used to perform different operations. Therefore, adjust the conveyor belt production tools. The current production offset the maximum diameter of a super rubber belt. For example, it may affect the subsequent operation of the tool to perform a specific delivery work. For example, adjustments may result in different diameter of the conveyance tool too deep. This means that the conveyor belt is subsequently completed by cutting the air through the tool. Operators need to look at the overall situation, pay attention to the tool will be carried out for each operation. Although part of the transport process shows that each tool will perform each operation, this concept is still difficult to understand for those that are new conveyor processing requirements.

Operators must also be diligent in the inspection, after the inspection part of the conveyor belt with a bad product indications tool. Hebei conveyor belt factory to provide eye circulation, optical comparator in the whole factory allows operators to detect conveyor belt in the change, burr, surface roughness of the rubber belt corner, not brittle, and other signs that the tool holder, began to promote the material cut.

Know workpiece material. Similarly, the use of some rubber materials is more difficult than other tools. The conveyor operator may need to change the compensation run time for each new part of Inconel 718, which means that they must carefully measure each part of the conveyor belt after processing. This may not be offset in the case where the processing material adjustment may not need to be completed until the number of conveyor parts is increasing.

Look at the cooling line. After setting a person to get a new job to run, he will observe that the coolant is directed to the appropriate location, the conveyor belt as they should be removed. In the production process of the conveyor belt, the change of a tool or insertion of the operator may hit a flexible cooling line position. For example, not found, which may lead to tool breakage and other issues, shorten tool life and poor surface finish of the conveyor belt.