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Characteristics of large angle wavy side belt conveyor

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Characteristics of large angle wavy side belt conveyor

The belt conveyer with high angle wavy side belt conveyer belt conveyer belt is a new type of belt conveyor. It has been widely used in the industrialized countries of foreign countries. It is mainly used in coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, port, electric power and other industries. In China, because the angle of the traditional conveyor is generally below 20 degrees, such as the need to achieve greater lifting height, there will be many shortcomings such as long transportation distance, large area, large amount of civil engineering, complex process arrangement and so on. In recent years, it is urgent to reduce land occupation, reduce project investment and operation cost, and save energy and reduce consumption. Demand, large inclined wave sideband belt conveyor for its unique structure and remarkable characteristics, earned gradually been applied. The machine is suitable for transporting all kinds of dry materials, but when the water is over 10%, the material of the conveyor will adhere to the diaphragm or the side of the block to cause uncleanly and not easy to remove. RCC belongs to dry poor concrete, but water, cement, admixture, admixture and aggregate in concrete have a certain adhesion after mixing. Therefore, a set of reliable tapping devices should be designed and installed to reduce the adhesion of cement mortar and fine aggregate to the base strip, the diaphragm and the edge, and to reduce the separation of aggregate and ensure the quality of the concrete. The quality of roller compacted concrete is not affected during transportation.
Compared with the ordinary belt conveyor, the large angle wavy belt conveyor is suitable for the large angle material transportation. The conveyor line length is shortened greatly and the land occupation is reduced greatly compared with the conventional belt conveyor. The height of the conveyor is reduced to 200m. The transport capacity is wide, the transport capacity is large and can reach 2500m3/h, the maximum material size can reach 800mm; Low energy consumption, simple structure and convenient maintenance, compared with the conventional belt conveyor, the energy consumption of the unit weight material is reduced by about 30%. Compared with the ordinary belt conveyor, bucket elevator and scraper conveyor, the comprehensive technical performance is superior, the reliability of the bucket elevator is high, and the maintenance cost is low. The service life is basically the same as that of the conventional belt conveyor; the operating environment conditions and the materials conveyed are basically the same as those of the conventional belt conveyor; the strength of the belt is basically the same.