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Introduction of Common Types of Belt Conveyor

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Introduction of Common Types of Belt Conveyor

Fixed belt conveyor is one of the most widely used models in coal mines, which is mainly used in situations where the horizontal or inclination angle is less than 18 degrees. At present, the maximum m
(1) Fixed belt conveyor
Fixed belt conveyor is one of the most widely used models in coal mines, which is mainly used in situations where the horizontal or inclination angle is less than 18 degrees. At present, the maximum main parameters are 1000-4500t/h, 1000-8000m, 2.5-5.6m/s, 2200mm bandwidth and 750-5550kW driving power. Domestic conveyors now use ST5000 as the highest steel core belt, PVG3150S as the whole core belt, and high strength mechanical joints still need to be imported. In order to reduce the belt strength requirements and reduce the size of the drive device, the intermediate linear friction drive or the intermediate unloading drive are usually adopted, and the soft start technology is adopted. Nearly 10 soft start modes have been developed to solve the starting problem of large conveyors. The main parameters of belt conveyor in main inclined shaft designed and manufactured by Shanghai Branch of Coal Science Institute for Zhaozhuang Coal Mine of Jincheng Bureau are as follows: transportation capacity 2500 t/h, transportation distance 1650 m, belt speed 5.6 m/s, bandwidth 1600 mm, driving power 3 x 1850 kW, frequency conversion speed regulation.
(2) Telescopic belt conveyor
The retractable belt conveyor is mainly used for the transportation of roadway in coal mining face. The tail of the conveyor can shrink with the advance of coal mining face. The storage belt warehouse is used to accommodate the redundant conveyor belt. The structure is compact, the frame is light, and the disassembly and assembly is convenient. The whole core belt is usually used, and the mechanical joint is used to connect the conveyor tail. The intermediate drive device can meet the requirements of larger transportation capacity and larger transportation distance. In 2005, Shendong Company of Shenhua Group produced 8 million tons of high-yield and high-efficiency working face with a large domestic scalable conveyor. The main parameters are: capacity 2500 t/h, transportation distance 6 000 m, belt speed 4 m/s, bandwidth 1 400 mm, transmission inclination angle less than 3 degrees, power 3*375+3*375 kW, whole core belt PVG1800S. In 2006, Shendong Company of Shenhua Group has equipped two domestic large-scale retractable conveyors with a capacity of 4000t/h, a distance of 6000m, a speed of 4m/s, a bandwidth of 1600mm, a transmission inclination angle of less than 3 degrees and a power of 3*560+3*560kW. Its technical performance has reached the international advanced level.
(3) Belt conveyor with large inclination
The belt conveyor with large inclination is a national key project of the seventh five-year plan undertaken by Shanghai Branch. It has been awarded the honorary prize of major achievements in scientific and technological research by the State Planning Commission, the State Science and Technology Commission and the Ministry of Finance, the first prize of scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Coal and the second prize of promotion of the Ministry. Up to now, more than 300 units have been put into use, of which 5 are transported with an inclination of 26 28 and 4 are transported with an inclination of 30 35. In order to adapt to the urgency and extensiveness of using large inclined upward belt conveyor in domestic coal mines, the double-row V-shaped deep groove supporting rollers with different bandwidth are improved and developed through serialization design to meet different needs, so that the conveying inclination angle is increased to + 35 degrees, and the downward conveyor inclination angle can also reach - 28 degrees. The belt conveyor series with large inclination can not only realize soft start and load sharing, but also improve braking performance. Conveyor bandwidth increased to 1600 mm; power increased to 3000 kW; transport distance reached more than 1500 m; belt speed increased to 4.5 m/s; transport capacity increased to 2500 t/h; raw coal allowable water content was broadened to 20%.